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Butta's Body Basics

Give your body the best!


More than skincare we care about the Whole body! This page is an extension of my specialty Holistic Lifestyle Products. Great for those who want to consult with me on ways to better care for themselves to those looking for herbal solutions .

Now Featuring the Butta's Manifest & Cleanse Kit! 


Manifestation Cleanse Kit


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 *Please specify if pregnant and/or breastfeeding as I would have to make alterations to the herbal formulas. Not all herbs featured are to be used by pregnant/breastfeeding women .

This kit is chock full of herbal and crystal magic to help you cleanse your body of the physical toxins as well as emotional as these things often take a toll on our energy and cause low vibrations. Break free of all the things that have been holding you back with this kit , made by me with love! 

What the kit will feature: 

1 - Purifying Tea: This tea is made with herbs like Dandelion root, licorice root and marshmallow root to help detox the many organs of the body , to gently renew and purify them , restoring them to the necessary form for better filtration.

2- The Gentle Cleanse Tea: To help boost the metabolism, aid in better digestion and to purge your system of unnatural substances that may be blocking your inner chi(or internal fire).

3- The BeauTea: A tea that increases relaxation, bliss, mental clarity and beauty. 

A Tea Infuser

A Journal- To record your cleansing journey

A Healing Crystal - To keep you grounded as you work through your toxins

A Manuscript- With instructions on how to get the best out of your cleanse and what to expect.